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There are 8888 Anky Genesis. Each of them costs 0.01618. If you do the math, that accounts to 143.80784 eth.

I will spend the next 3 sojourns learning about the internet, learning about blockchain, learning about programming, learning about meditation, learning about how to play drums, learning how to create content, learning how to tell stories, learning anything that I need to learn in order to make this project successful. In the open. And the money that will enter the smart contract will help me do that, because it will enable to devote 100% of my energy to this. And to my family. Without having to care about money. Just caring about creating something awesome. Just caring about being myself. Without that noise on the background that tells me I'm not enough.

Anyway, so this is how I will spend the money during this first 96 + 21 + 96 + 21 + 96 days. If I don't make it after that, I'm gonna make sure you will never be able to say:

At least he tried.

TitleDescriptionAmountUnit ValueTotal Value
Lex DaoInscription10.16180.1618
BAYC NFTAnky is a bored ape and its story will be told on top of this IP13030
KodaWtf is a koda?14.24.2
OtherdeedAnkyverse Kingdoms inside the Otherside Metaverse8216
jp salaryI need to build and not care about how I earn money for one year.31236
Legendary MasksImportant piece of the lore of Anky. They will be handcrafted in Indonesia80.2502
Trip to IndonesiaTo go and get the legendary masks, and tell the story through social media for people to connect deeper with the story of Anky166
Web Services / DeploymentsTo build the software that will make Anky what it will be.11010
TinyboxThis will be one of the most powerful computers for running Llama, and it will be the mind of Anky which will process all the writing from the people that participate in this adventure.188
NFTsAnky will support other collections, and also create a radio that will play only music that is bought as NFTs188
Marketing - Anky GenesisFor spreading the word of the anky genesis collection11.61.6
Macbook Pro for JP & Office setupFor having an amazing office where to craft beauty144

All prices are estimates and depend on FP, but you get the point.

The sum of all of this is 126.96 Eth. The rest will serve as treasury

What I offer in exchange of that is my absolute presence, giving each second of my life to make this thing work. I can't think about anything else. I'm deeply obsessed with this thing. And it is beautiful. I am honored. I am delighted.

I am shaping this thing as a diamond. As a wooden toy for my daughter. At the end, it is all for her.

It is all for them.

It is time to build for them.